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Building Programs for Injury Prevention and Performance

Strength and conditioning is one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s development.

Strength training is important for several reasons but mainly to optimize physical performance and reduce the risk of injury. Every coach, trainer or caregiver has their own training philosophy, and it is imperative to create a unique quality program for each athlete or individual.

Urban League of Canada believes that it is important to build all programs with philosophy and training principles, allowing athletes and individuals to achieve their individual goals.

Sports Traning

Education Support

Help & Support


Our team of sports professionals will create and customize a series of physical activities for groups and organizations serving children and youth. The programs we develop can range anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks in length. They include all necessary activities from warm-up to cool-down


We also design and deliver programs related to nutrition, physical fitness, and mental wellness.

Urban League of Canada Prevention Training provides increased awareness and instruction on how to prevent injuries while increasing their level of physical activity.

Over the next


Our team of sports professionals will create and customize a series of physical activities for groups and organizations serving children and youth. The programs we develop can range anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks in length. They include all necessary activities from warm-up to cool-down

Community Focused

Help Youth & Seniors Nonprofit Workshops

Our workshops are developed with a strong focus on providing essential knowledge, training and important insight for our youth and elderly, and we believe a healthy lifestyle is achievable by combining sports and education.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are essential to every successful program! Do you have a strong desire to help others achieve their physical goals? If so, reach out to us at 1(416)-479-0292 and we’ll connect you with a program in your area.

Get Involved

Are you a coach, physiotherapist, teacher, or mentor? Partner with us to build a support system for youth and seniors in your community. Reach out to us at 1(416)-479-0292 to see where we could use your expertise.


Start by making a difference today and support our organization with a donation. Every dollar will help us get closer to achieving our goals by creating a healthier community. We are a non-profit organization (insert non-profit number) and your donations are tax-deductible. Reach out to us at 1(416)-479-0292.


Live your best life with a good mix of fun, work, and training with our diverse team members! Reach out to us at 1(416)-479-0292 to see how we can help you individually, or in a team or group environment.

Diversity as a Strength

Urban League of Canada Services

Urban League of Canada offers a plethora of services grounded in health education and sports with the goal of making a difference. Our exceptional group of volunteers and community members attest to the power of diversity as a strength and leads us to create world-class programming to support a better quality of life for our community members. From injury prevention to nutrition, we are dedicated to reaching underserved and marginalized groups with a greater focus on the youth and the elderly. Our purpose is rooted in providing accessible opportunities for community members seeking to improve their health and physical well-being!

Injury Prevention

We offer unique programming for injury prevention which will optimize your overall physical performance and well-being.

For the youth and the elderly, injury prevention represents a grouping of activities designed to increase fitness levels with a special focus on the following three areas:

  • Mental wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Physical fitness

Sports Scholarship

In our continuing efforts to support the generation of tomorrow, we are investing in our youth by supporting their recreational and educational endeavors with the power of sports! Our mission also speaks to assisting underprivileged youth in securing scholarships and bringing their visions into fruition by providing them with a community-centered support system.

Whether your dreams in sports are strictly recreational or educational, we have you covered! We pride ourselves in supporting unique programming related to the key aspects of an athlete's development. Additionally, we understand the value of scholarships as the vehicle of opportunity whereby student-athletes become the best versions of themselves and are equipped with the tools/resources to support their pathway to success. We also encourage our student-athletes to seek guidance, mentorship and advice in shaping their decision on the ideal scholarship best suited for their long-term career goals.

Elderly & Exercise

Studies show that exercise reduces falls and injuries for the elderly.  Our program has proven successful in reducing risk of falls and injury in people over the age of 65. Our cost-effective program includes intervention, a home hazard check, and intervention advice regarding preventing falls in community dwellings that house the elderly. 

Career Pathway
To Success

Cultivating the environment for youth empowerment with a focus on career pathways to success.

The Government of Canada has expressed its commitment to cultivating better life outcomes for young people with The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS). This strategic initiative has been designed for youth who face significant socio-economic barriers in securing better employment opportunities. YESS also equips youth with the tools/resources to successfully transition into the labor market with targeted supports ranging from career coaching to subsidized internet access for effective job search.

YESS operates as a uniquely crafted government initiative in partnership with eleven federal departments and agencies. In providing a flexible service delivery model, YESS represents the amalgamation of different federal programs (e.g.: Skills Link, Career Focus, and Summer Work Experience) and the deployment of an integrated youth strategy for better transitions to the workforce.

Social Supports

“Building the future today.”

We believe in the value of developing social support, building mentorship opportunities, and cultivating community connections. By using the medium of sports as a vehicle for personal development, youths can learn the importance of acquiring life skills to create educational pathways to success.

For the elderly, we provide world-class health/fitness programs designed to prevent physical injuries due to limited physical activity.


“Your health is your wealth.”

As we begin to shift into a health-conscious society, there is an increasing demand for work/life balance which involves a healthy lifestyle for optimal wellness.

The Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles program provides an opportunity for working professionals in the health and wellness industry to enhance their knowledge base in diverse fields ranging from fitness, health education, nutrition, and proper dieting.

Diversity as a Strength
Become a

If you want to help youth in need to become a better version of themselves don't hesitate and join our volunteer team!

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The Urban League of Canada Prevention Training pledges to deliver unbiased services, treating all staff, volunteers, clients, and partner agencies with the utmost respect. Diversity and inclusion are woven into the fiber of the organization’s core and our staff are ambassadors who reflect this. This code is entrenched in every aspect of the organization’s operations, encompassing all areas of human resources for our employees, and is prominently reflected in the service delivered to the diverse clients we serve. The Urban League of Canada will not condone discrimination of any sort related to an individual’s race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, medical status, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, citizenship, or any charter protected characteristic.

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