Better Bones & Balance

Techniques for the training of motor control in the elderly

Better Bones & Balance


To reduce Osteoporotic fractures through a research-based exercise that reduces bone loss and risk of falling.

Project Summary

The " Bones & Balance: An Exercise Guide to Reduce Your Risk of Osteoporosis and Falling" video series was inspired by extensive research by Dr. Christine Snow and her colleagues at the Bone Research Laboratory at Oregon State University. 

The first and only research-based program of its kind, " Bones and Balance" is a two-video set that provides an introduction to Osteoporosis, causes of the condition, risk factors and preventative details. The program also provides an easy-to-follow exercise regimen designed for all levels of participants, from beginners to advanced. 

The launch of Bones & Balance time consumers represent the first to have access to this level of information and training. The series is also unique because of its exercises that are performed while standing. This combined with an optional weighted vest for greater resistance means that the postural system is challenged more than by traditional seated exercise.

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To be announced when the program is ready to begin.

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