Urban League will be running an education and sports training program for youth ages 13-18 in the GT, Learn more below



Maybe give a little opening sentence/background before jumping right in. For example, “Youth today are not getting the opportunity to be as active as they should be. In order for their bodies to stay healthy and strong they need to exercise. Up to 61% of them are sedentary or not active enough. This includes 45% of 5-12 year olds.

Urban League of Canada would like to get the message out that physical activity improves your health and mental well-being. The economic, social and development impact of a more active community is irrefutable. We want people to understand and embrace the idea that exercise or physical activity doesn't have to be strenuous for it to be beneficial. Using the recommendations stated in Canada's Physical Activity Guide, we would like to implement the "little steps" program as part of our resistance training management program to help low-income parents, single mothers, youths and the elderly to incorporate activity in their daily routine. To establish the program, Urban League of Canada would like to work with Youth Service Canada, to select and train 10 at-risk youths.

Project Summary

Urban League of Canada, in conjunction with the Youth Service Canada Resistance training program,  would like to provide 10 at-risk youths with unique learning and enrichment opportunities which will increase their sense of community responsibility and empowerment.  They will work together in teams of 2 to establish and support the development of the “Little Steps” program activities at 5 community locations in the city of Toronto. The 10 participants will be involved in all aspects of the planning, implementation, development and the delivery of the « Little Steps » for resistance training management project.

The participants will be involved in recruiting and training volunteers called “Little Steps ambassadors “as well as demonstrating the “Little Steps” program in community centers and recreational locations.

The participants will complete a written career action plan by the end of the program and be better prepared for employment opportunities in related fields such as fitness, health, education, training, or  self-employment.

Want To Help

To be announced when the program is ready to begin.

Program Director

Would you like to refer an athlete?

For over 40 years, York University has been making its mark on the Canadian sport scene. Provincial and national team titles, combined with numerous athletes and coaches who participate on many of Canada's national teams, attest to the success of York's varsity sport program. Since the inception of organized interuniversity competition in 1965, York has won 178 provincial banners and 37 national titles. More than 500 student-athletes on 19 sport teams represent York University in Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and U SPORTS. Athletics & Recreation at York is committed to the educational mandate of the University and York's history of excellence in sport reflects this commitment and strengthens the spirit and pride that binds it together as a community. Athletics & Recreation at York seeks a dynamic and engaging Director, Athletics. Reporting to the Executive Director, Athletics & Recreation, the Director, Athletics is responsible for strategic planning and leadership of the.


The Urban League of Canada Prevention Training pledges to deliver unbiased services, treating all staff, volunteers, clients, and partner agencies with the utmost respect. Diversity and inclusion are woven into the fiber of the organization’s core and our staff are ambassadors who reflect this. This code is entrenched in every aspect of the organization’s operations, encompassing all areas of human resources for our employees, and is prominently reflected in the service delivered to the diverse clients we serve. The Urban League of Canada will not condone discrimination of any sort related to an individual’s race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, medical status, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, citizenship, or any charter protected characteristic.

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