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Board of Directors


Urban League of Canada Prevention and Training believes in allowing our Board of Directors to work smarter enabling for be better communicators and collaborators while fueling efficiency at every turn.

The role of our Boards of Directors is to give leadership and guide the strategic direction of Urban League of Canada Prevention and Training.

Meet Our Board Members:


Barrown D. Veira (Bahr)

Bahr Veira is a dedicated individual who is passionate about providing children and youth the opportunity to strive for excellence through sports programming. Bahr is currently working as a sales manager at SinglePoint Group International Incorporated and is responsible for excellent customer service and sales within Ontario.

Bahr was a valued Sales Manager with Simpro Solutions Incorporated for 8 years before joining SinglePoint Group in 2017. Currently, he is responsible for coaching and the development of sales agents to generate maximum sales while continually delivering exceptional customer service to clients. Aside from coaching and mentoring, Bahr’s role entails the maintenance of the sales growth of household maintenance products including heating, air conditioning, and rental water heaters. He currently manages multiple sales teams with an excess of 50 agents.

Bahr Veira attended Moorhead State University in Minnesota for Business Management where he gained knowledge and foundational skills to develop personal leadership and management expertise. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

•NCAA division 1 football

•Played Pro football in Europe

•Trained British commonwealth simmer Karen Pickeringren Pickering


Clairmonte has an extensive array of business expertise acquired through 20 years of progressive experience in planning and execution of municipal, Provincial, and community programs in Ontario. His career started in the early-2002 as program director of Basketball Beginnings Youth Organization; Experience working within various Management Systems in a multi‐sport environment, establishing all media, advertising and initiatives.

In addition, he was an Advisory Board member for a number of various unrelated companies, in a wide range of industries Clairmonte’s professional history includes positions such as Chair of Communications for 1994 FIBA World Championships of Basketball, as well as circuit design and planning for Bell Canada. With strong interpersonal and communication skills, Clairmonte is passionate about sport and its contribution to society. Clairmonte is an avid fitness enthusiast that enjoys, biking, running, and exercising.



Diane Matyas, Founders of DNA Everyday Global, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, innovators of products enabling people.

Diane earned a degree in physical education, National Coaching Certification through the Coaching Association of Canada and leadership awards for her contribution to her community and the global impact of her message. She published her first book on Performance in 1998 and is credited with being the first woman in Canada to independently execute an international book promotion tour and media campaign simultaneously. Her book became a national bestseller and was featured in the media across North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Diane has represented Canada on trade missions, presented to Olympic Committees, MEMS Tour, Medical Sensors, Sensors, Consumer Electronics Show, Sports Analytics World Series, Future Innovation Sport Technology. Their story has been featured in media outlets around the world as well as in the Concussion Documentary by Protocol Sports Marketing.

Multisport athletes, world travelers and innovators leading the research, design, development and manufacturing of new products into the global marketplace.

The Urban League of Canada Prevention Training pledges to deliver unbiased services, treating all staff, volunteers, clients, and partner agencies with the utmost respect. Diversity and inclusion are woven into the fiber of the organization’s core and our staff are ambassadors who reflect this. This code is entrenched in every aspect of the organization’s operations, encompassing all areas of human resources for our employees, and is prominently reflected in the service delivered to the diverse clients we serve. The Urban League of Canada will not condone discrimination of any sort related to an individual’s race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, medical status, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, citizenship, or any charter protected characteristic.

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